Investment Update - April 2018

During March, equity markets-suffered their second consecutive 10+% decline; this following an unprecedented 15 consecutive months of monthly gains. Your portfolio has been partially hedged by our holdings in Treasuries, Gold, and Cash - all of which showed positive returns for March. In our view, investment markets are getting used to the new normal ... that being more volatiJi-ty as investors begin to adjust to this new environment. We can all speculate as to the reasons for the increased volatility; some would say the potential China bade war, others, the conflict in Syria, or contentions with North Korea and Iran, to name just a few. While these all are certainly having an impact on equities, we believe there are three other, possibly more important, drivers for our recent ··market unpleasantness; rising household and corporate debt, rising deficits, and the Fed now doing an about-face on monetary policy - going from money printing ( quantitative easing) to quantitative tightening. With quantitative tightening, the Fed is now removing•' money from the banking system. So, here in 2018; the bottom _line· - m our. opinion - is that we have fewer dollars chasing investments of all kinds: real estate, stocks, and bonds.

When we wrote you in Febrnacy, we ·said that this market correction would take a wliile to fully play out. Today finds us at a point - right ahead of first quarter earnings releases (which we expect to be positive) - where equities may well attempt to rally. If, as we expect, our proprietary trading indicators tum positive, we will be putting some of our over-weighted cash position to work for you in equities.

Thanks for your patience. I know this has been a rocky ride thus far in 2018. We are now guardedly optimistic that this recent volatility will be resolved to the upside for stocks and stock-based mutual funds.

I'll be talking with you again shortly; in the meantime, if you have any specific questions about your portfolio, please don't hesitate to call me on 1-804-965-0707.

Gary W. Wood, CFP®
President, BDC Capital Management, Inc.

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