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investment management

At BDC Capital Management, we consider ourselves stewards of your investments, and that is a role we will never take lightly. Here, we focus on Biblically Responsible Investing and smart investing. We combine both fundamental and technical principles, using a disciplined approach called Tactical Investment Management.

Our Tactical Investment Management methodology measures basic supply and demand relationships between stocks, bonds and cash so we can be responsive in both bullish and bearish periods for the market. This rigorous research tells us when to buy and when to sell. After all, this is the core of economics in the free market: the price of a product or service will go up if there are more buyers than sellers.

Since we are an independent, fee-only investment advisory firm, we provide objective, personalized advice, dedicated to helping you grow, protect and steward those financial resources that have been entrusted to your care. Here, you’ll notice key differences that set us – and your investments – apart from the rest.

  • Your portfolio will be 100% customized. After all, cookie-cutter investing is not a winning model.
  • Your portfolio will be broad and diverse.
  • We are highly disciplined in our approach, putting your goals through “stress-testing” and other simulations to lead us to selection – and we monitor those selections daily.

Your wishes come first with us. Your goals will drive your investment. We are here to serve you, our client.

A Portfolio that does Well can also do Good

You have the opportunity to do well as we provide Tactical Portfolio Management for your savings and investments.

You do good as Biblically Responsible Investing allows you to invest without compromising your deeply held beliefs.

Biblically Responsible Investing

Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is a portfolio screening service that allows investors to align their portfolios with their Christian values and beliefs.

Many Christians realize that inherent in the ownership of a stock, mutual fund or ETF is an indirect connection to the underlying company and to that company’s immoral business activities.  The BRI screening process identifies those companies whose activities promote or support pornography, abortion, or anti-family activities so that investment in those companies is avoided.

BRI provides investors an opportunity to invest in companies that most closely resemble their own values system.