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Our mission is to help you with all aspects of financial planning so that your resources are effectively focused on achieving those financial goals that are of the greatest importance to you. We specialize in designing portfolios that hold solid investment positions while protecting the integrity of your values.

It is our goal to provide the sound financial guidance that will help you make favorable decisions about your personal circumstances, and that will help protect your portfolio under changing market conditions.

At BDC Capital Management, we know that we serve you. As an independent fee-only firm, we are not restricted by the requirements of outside shareholders or Broker/Dealer platforms. Our fees are tied to the value of your portfolio, to your needs and to your agenda. This allows us to take an objective approach that’s based on relationships, not simply transactions.

Our values include:

  • Telling the truth and always being candid
  • Keeping our promise to you
  • Working hard
  • Putting your interests before our bottom line
  • Respecting every person who works here
  • Staying in touch with those we serve, to be sure we are bringing them what they need