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How is BDC Capital Management different from other financial planning and investing firms?

Our difference is basically threefold: we counsel from a Biblical world view; we allow clients to extend their stewardship goals through Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI); and we employ Tactical Portfolio Management, which uses the careful analysis of supply and demand relationships between stocks, bonds and cash to make our investment portfolios more responsive to market volatility and resilient to market risk.

What services does BDC Capital Management offer families?

BDC Capital Management serves families and individuals through investment management, strategic tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning services.

What is Tactical Portfolio Management?

Our proprietary Tactical Portfolio Management discipline allows us to measure basic supply and demand relationships between stocks, bonds and cash so that we can be responsive to both bullish and bearish periods in the market. Read more.

How do you make sure I’m investing in companies that align with my values?

We take great care in screening every company involved in your portfolio. We don’t invest in companies that do business with political enemies of the United States. We also avoid investing in companies that provide a product, service or support for anti-family efforts.

Do I need to have a certain amount of money to start investing with your firm?

We are honored to serve clients large and small, with millions to invest or just a few dollars. Our only requirement is your commitment to your financial goals – and we consider ourselves privileged to help you pursue them.

How are you compensated for working for your clients?

BDC Capital Management is a fee-only firm. We are discretionary money managers typically charging a percentage of the assets under management, subject to a minimum annual fee. This aligns our purposes with yours – to pursue long-term relationships dedicated to your financial goals.